Fabulous Citrine & Ruby Retro Bracelet

Fabulous Citrine & Ruby Retro Bracelet

Art Deco with a touch of magic that's retro! Moving away from the rigid styles of the 1920s, the jewels of the 1930s and 40s evolved into more sculptural, fluid creations, combining geometric shapes with playful curves, and this bracelet is the perfect example!

It features a 58 carat Citrine at the center flanked by 2 pear-shaped, synthetic rubies, which are set over a whimsical bow with flowing ribbons. The step-cut citrine, displaying a light brown hue, is of fine quality, and very indicative of the time this jewel was made, as citrines could be easily obtained from South America during the war, whereas the supply of precious gemstones from the Far East was no longer possible. We adore the artful blend of warm tones displayed on this piece! Even though it is a bold, solid bracelet, thanks to its stunning design which follows the natural curves of your wrist, it is very comfortable to wear. This fabulous vintage bracelet was crafted in solid 14 karat gold with a rose undertone, and it is complete with a tight-knit, gate-link style strap.

  • Measurements: Would fit best on a 7 to a 7 and 1/2 inch wrist. Could be sized down, please inquire here

A striking fashion statement infused with a touch of the past, straight from a key time in history!

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