1940s Platinum Certified Near Flawless 1 Carat Diamond Ring

1940s Platinum Certified Near Flawless 1 Carat Diamond Ring

A near perfect brilliant beauty! This simple, straightforward 1940s handmade platinum setting lets one of our finest diamonds shine bright in the center! The diamond is 1.009 carat, GIA certified, E colorless, and VVS2 clarity...they don't come much better than that! It is a recut modern brilliant, true to the period.

The modern brilliant cut was designed by a physicist for maximum light refraction (brilliance) in 1919. It took about a decade for diamond cutters to develop the right techniques to cut the modern brilliant, and ever since it has been the most valuable cut. Around 1940, many would bring their old cut diamonds and have them recut, hence the recut modern brilliant we have here. We can see it is an old stone because of the remaining small culet (bottommost facet on the point of the stone) that is characteristic of old cut stones.

An additional .14 in total carat weight of single cut diamonds accent the milgrain edged shoulders. The ring is currently a size 8 and may be easily resized up or down upon request. 

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