Taille D’épargne Girandole Brooch C. 1860s

Taille D’épargne Girandole Brooch C. 1860s

Decorate your garments with your very own chandelier!

Inspired by the 'girandole', this antique brooch was handmade during the Victorian era around 1860s in 14 karat yellow gold. A 'girandole' is a smaller version of a chandelier, and in jewelry, the design always features three dangling ornaments suspended from a central motif. When these decorative fixtures were in vogue in the 18th & 19th century, girandole earrings became the most popular choice among women, which made sense considering the fashions of the time (lower necklines and romantic swept-up hairdos!), but the style also carried over onto brooches and pendants, just like this one! This brooch is beautifully-aged, featuring 3 floral blooms and several free-flowing dangles. Striking tracery designs and black enamel work, known as Taille D'épargne, cover the centerpiece while helping this versatile piece stand out from the rest. An early c-catch closure guarantees you can wear this brooch securely, with an additional hook at the top so you can accommodate a chain.

  • Measurements: Apprx. 2 and 1/2 inches long by 1 and 3/4 inches wide

Anyone can appreciate the remarkably unique jewelry styles of times past. The designs are so different from contemporary looks, yet still so chic, and they can pair well with many looks and for many occasions. Add this historied brooch to your antique jewelry collection today!

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