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Time and again, regular Pippin customers remark that a trip to our shop is akin to rummaging through their grandma’s jewelry box. The interactive nature of the store allows you to touch and try on any piece you’d like in a completely unhurried, low-pressure environment. Besides the higher-end merchandise featured on this website, the brick and mortar shop has thousands of lower-end and mid-range costume jewelry -- with some pieces priced as low as five dollars! We hope that this website will give out-of-towners (and New Yorkers too!) the opportunity to enjoy the Pippin experience from the comfort of home. Please visit us the next time you find yourself in the Big Apple!


Meet Stephen & Rachel

Stephen and Rachel Coopers’ first date was to an auction. Neither of them knew how significant this would be in years to come. They came to their relationship with a shared fascination of relics from times past.

In those early days, Stephen was a beloved vendor at New York City’s famed Chelsea Flea Markets. Every weekend he would arrive in the city with his van full of treasures, fresh from auction. His booth boasted everything from antique furniture to bric-a-brac to vintage jewelry. Though his true passion was always the jewelry.

Rachel, a lifelong antiques collector and a teacher by trade, was a natural addition to Stephen’s flea market operation. It was obvious to her that the rambling heaps of jewelry could use a “woman’s touch.” Stephen's booth benefited from a bit of organizational structure and the beginnings of what would become Pippin Vintage Jewelry came together.


*Stephen Cooper is a GIA certified Diamond Grader with more than 20 years in the jewelry business. He was a contemporary fine jeweler for his company, Provincetown Jewelers, before moving on to a specialization in vintage and antique jewelry. He attended Hebrew University, Jerusalem, for English Studies.

*Rachel Cooper holds a Master's Degree in Childhood Education and worked as a teacher for six years before opening Pippin Vintage Jewelry. She is a GIA certified Diamond Grader.


Pippin Vintage Jewelry is born

Upon the closing of the Chelsea Flea Markets the Coopers pondered their future. They eventually concluded that shopkeeping was a natural next step. With their King Charles Spaniel puppy, Pippin, in tow, they explored various New York City neighborhoods and ultimately decided to open shop on Orchard Street, below Delancey. With this fortuitous decision, Pippin Vintage Jewelry became one of the first boutiques to open on the burgeoning Lower East Side.


Making the move to Chelsea

In the summer of 2006, one of Stephen’s regulars from the flea market asked him if he might be interested in renting a hidden carriage house down an alley on 17th Street. It sounded too strange to be true, but after peeking at this fabled cottage through the back window of the neighboring frame shop, Stephen pictured it as the perfect location for an antiques business. He accepted the offer before even entering the building. That summer, joined by friends and family, the Coopers renovated the dilapidated building themselves, a trial they still laugh about today.

In October of 2006, the Coopers opened their second store, Pippin Home, a sister store to Pippin Vintage Jewelry. Days after opening, with the challenges of renovation fresh in their minds, their new landlady came with another offer. The owners of the frame shop in front of Pippin Home would not be renewing their lease and the landlady thought Stephen and Rachel might like to rent that space as well. Quickly realizing that the opportunity was too good to pass up, they agreed and got back to renovating. In the spring of 2007, Pippin Vintage Jewelry was officially moved from the Lower East Side to its current Chelsea location. Now, many years later, Pippin has experienced growth and constant evolution thanks to a talented team of employees whose vision and unity has lead to a truly unique shopping experience.


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