1948-54 Chanel Gripoix Glass Necklace

1948-54 Chanel Gripoix Glass Necklace

Handmade around 1948-54 by Chanel in France, featuring gripoix glass glass beads in crimson red and baby blue, clear rhinestones, and a lustrous faux pearl. This glass technique, which originated in Paris, really enhanced costume jewelry and took these pieces to the next level. Few luxury brands have withstood the test of time as well as Chanel, and the best gripoix glass renditions are undoubtedly made by them. This glamorous necklace centers on a domed faux pearl, surrounded by raspberry-red glass beads and clear rhinestones. Each glass "stone" is painstakingly poured by hand, requiring extraordinary skill and experience as a jeweler to create a work of jewelry art like this one. The border of the pendant is adorned with dewy-looking blue and red glass beads that contrast each other perfectly. The otherwise simple chain is made unique with delicate pearls and two-tone beads, referencing the center of the pendant, and providing the finishing touches. Unfortunately, most costume jewels are no longer made by hand, and this level of craftsmanship is quite rare to come by, making this unique Chanel necklace all the more desirable.

One of the most important identifiers of authentic Chanel jewelry is their stamp of authenticity, but around the time this necklace was produced, Chanel had not yet started using their 'Chanel' markings, hence why it is simply stamped 'France'. This necklace is masterfully executed, resulting in a stunning example of this elegant craft, so if you love and collect signed costume jewelry, this vintage Chanel piece is destined for your collection. And it can be worn as a brooch too thanks to its hinged pinback, so versatile! Show this fabulous statement necklace a good time this spring — make it yours today!

  • Pendant measurements: Apprx. 2" by 2"
  • Chain: 28 and 1/2 inches long

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