Sardonyx Cameo Earrings C. 1880s

This pair of classic cameo earrings comes from one of the most influential periods of antique jewelry — the Victorian era! This exquisite pair dates to the 1880s and they are crafted in two-tone 14 karat yellow gold and rose gold. They are hand-carved in Sardonyx, ensuring they stay intact for as long as they have, and many more years to come. The woman's delineated profile is wrapped in an Etruscan-inspired, angular frame with delicate granulation, contrasting beautifully against the softness of the pink semi-precious stone. They have simple hook for pierced ears (converted more recently), ensuring that they wear beautifully on your ear lobes. There is exceptional craftsmanship in their fine detailing (just take a look at each curl of her hair!), which truly sets them apart!

  • Frame measurements: 1 inch long by 3/4 of an inch wide

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