18K gold, Garnet 'Cannetille' ring

18K gold, Garnet 'Cannetille' ring

Circa: 1900-1910

Materials: 18 karat yellow gold, pear shape garnet cabochon 

Size: 6.5 (wears like a 5.5 due to particularly wide band) This piece can not be sized without disrupting the patterning! 

Condition: Good, one dent in bezel where stone is slightly chipped, stone has a few inclusions breaking its surface

Description: 'Cannetille' was a filigree technique popular in Europe in the 1820's and 30's, it features very detailed wire and granulation work to create a beautifully textured gold surface. Around the turn of the century the English trained Indian jewelers in their most labor intensive jewelry techniques in order to produce these pieces at a lower cost. This is a perfect example of such a piece, made in India for the Edwardian English market. 

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