18th Century Stuart Crystal Cypher Ring

18th Century Stuart Crystal Cypher Ring

If this ring does not look like much at first, then it is doing it’s job!

This late seventeenth-century ring was handmade in a mix of 18 karat yellow gold and silver and it features a foil-backed, faceted rock crystal panel that carries with it a long personal and political history. Below the glimmering rock crystal, the ring encloses the lock of hair of a person, resulting in a life memorialized by this ring. Commonly referred to as “Stuart Crystals,” the Stuart Cypher ring originally acted as a memorial ring to the dead King Charles I after his hanging in 1649. During the eleven-year period in which the monarchy of England was abolished, known as the Interregnum, people who remained loyal to the King, known as Royalists, wore these rings to secretly symbolize their royal allegiance to each other. As they came to be known as memorial rings to the King, and as the Monarchy was restored in 1660, individuals favored this style of ring for memorials to their loved ones, as they could enclose a small symbol and a lock of hair in their honor. This antique ring is currently a size 8 and it can be resized to your needs. Please inquire. 

One of the rarest, most interesting pieces that have ever come across our doors, and it can be yours now!

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