Antique Tiger Claw Pendant

Antique Tiger Claw Pendant

Tiger hunting was a popular sport of the elite classes during the time of the British Raj in India. Since tiger poaching was outlawed in the 1970s, this antique pendant offers us a glimpse into the values and practices of the British Raj of the late 19th century, long before the tiger was recognized as an endangered species.

A large-size, creamy-colored tiger claw is set in an Etruscan-inspired frame, adorned with delicate etchings and bold granulation in this rare Victorian pendant. It is handcrafted in 15 karat yellow gold and dates to 1860s India. This pendant is a unique and highly collectible piece of jewelry from a bygone era!

  • Measurements: Approximately 2 inches long by 1 inch wide

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Please note this listing is for the tiger claw brooch only. For the chain, please click here.

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