Brutalist Carved Opal Pears Pin/Pendant c1970

Nothing quite says 1970 like the distinctive brutalist style! Brutalist design is characterized by textures and designs heavily inspired by the rougher parts of our natural world, like tree bark or cliff faces. Shapes are organic and asymmetrical, often with jagged edges, perfectly exemplified by this stunning piece.

A stunning, fiery opal is beautifully carved with pear tree fruit and foliage, often evoked in Chinese culture as a symbol of immortality. Twelve diamonds are strewn throughout the brutalist 14k yellow gold frame, totaling a carat weight of about .36. With both a pinback and two hidden bales, this piece can easily be worn as both a brooch and a pendant. Please note that the opal has a couple of small cracks along carving lines– the gem is stable and the cracks do not stand out. The piece measures 1 1/4 inches by 2 inches. The pictured chain can be found here, please contact us for more options!

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