Circa 1850 18K Old-Mine-Cut Diamond Brooch

Circa 1850 18K Old-Mine-Cut Diamond Brooch

Inventory #: E0910-041

Circa: 1850 

Materials: 18 karat yellow gold, .40 carat old-mine-cut diamond (VS clarity)

Size: 1.6 inches high, 1.25 inches wide

Condition: Very good, a couple of very slight dings

Description: The gold of this brooch is particularly yellow and has a beautiful patina. This completely handmade piece is one of the oldest items in the shop at present.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds

The original old mine cut diamonds of the 19th century were referred to by this name because the jewels came from the old diamond mines in India rather than South Africa, which dominates the diamond industry today.

In the 19th century, artisans shaped each miners cut diamond by hand.  Due to the handcraftsmanship, each diamond was unique and no two cuts were identical, unlike today's diamonds which undergo machine-assisted cutting processes. The old mine cut is shaped into a high crown with a small table, (top of the diamond), a round to somewhat rectangular girdle, a deep pavilion and a large faceted culet. The cut was the earliest form of the brilliant cut, which means that the diamond was cut to allow the stone to sparkle under even the dimmest candle light of the era.


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