Circa 1920

Circa 1920 "Pools of Light" Rock crystal and Sterling Necklace

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Circa: 1910-1920

Materials: 20 14mm "pools of light" undrilled rock crystal beads with Sterling silver. 

Size: About 17 inches, end-to-end

Condition: Excellent. 

Description: These rare beads are called "pools of light" for their ability to catch and reflect light. Quartz has been regarded as a spiritually significant material in numerous ancient cultures and we can certainly see why. These beads have an almost 'other-worldly' feel to them, they glow from every angle and at times look a bit like moonstones. This piece is particularly collectible due to the 14 m.m. circumference of each bead, a bit larger than most. They are also un-drilled, another reason these are valued highly. Each bead is held in a simple sterling silver wire wrap. All hardware is original. 

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