Circa 1930s-1940s White Siam Sterling Bracelet

Circa 1930s-1940s White Siam Sterling Bracelet

Circa: 1930 - 1940

Material: Sterling silver with white enamel

Size: 7" inside measurement, 2 3/8" top to bottom at widest point

Condition: Very good, a few small imperfections in enameling 

Description: This is an unusual creamy white bypass bangle marked "Siam Sterling" The mark has been obscured somewhat over time. Very slightest of imperfections in the white enameling do not detract from the beautiful look of this bracelet. Siam sterling - Usually silver and black but occasionally in other colors , these Thai pieces were popular in the 1950s through '70s.  It is technically "Nielloware", created by carving out areas of the silver, and baking a sulfur/metals powder in the carved out areas. The design often displays Mekkala, the Goddess of Lightning, and represents the Thai version of the Buddhist and Hindu Indian legend, Ramayama, about a prince, his wife, his parents (King and Queen of Siam), and the evil king of Ceylon. This jewelry was often sent to American wives/girlfriends from their soldier-husbands/boyfriends on leave from fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. Note that the term “Siam” was used on items from the 1930s well into the 1980s , even after Siam was re-named Thailand. The term “Siam” was used to represent the Thai craftsmanship community”.

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