Circa 1930 Pendant Watch on Late Victorian Pin

Circa 1930 Pendant Watch on Late Victorian Pin

Inventory#: F0912-021

Circa: Watch: 1930's, Pin circa 1890

Materials: Watch: 14 karat rose gold with 'Ovis' Swiss movement, Pin 14 karat yellow gold, silver pin-back. 

Size: Measures 2.5 inches total. 

Condition: Very good. Not an original match but works together nicely. Watch is in good working order. 

Description: These two components are from different time periods: The watch is 1930's, the pin it hangs from is Victorian. The watch is in rose gold with a copper-tone face and blue dials. This classic deco design has the usual linear and clean-lined design of that period. The pin is more ornately hand-chased in yellow gold. The plaque at top could be engraved with a name if desired. The two pieces, despite their differences, look quite wonderful together. This would be a great lapel pin on a blazer or jacket. 

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