Circa 1950 Platinum, Diamond, Emerald Flower Pin

Circa 1950 Platinum, Diamond, Emerald Flower Pin

Inventory#: E0930-388

Circa: 1950 

Materials: Platinum, 4.5 carats diamonds (F/G color, VS clarity), emeralds. 

Size: 2 inches at highest, 1.5 inches at widest. 

Condition: Excellent 

Description: How many days did it take to make? 6...7. This is a very fine hand made Platinum (10% iridium) brooch. Exquisite both in detail and quality, this was only produced by the finest of jewelers, alas, we have no hallmarks to know. These are some of the best small diamonds we have seen, apparently colorless, and no inclusions to be found (graded VS in the mounting, possibly better).  The small emeralds are of a similar grade, rare, eye perfect, and Muzo Columbian green. Priced below the manufacturer's replacement cost for the diamonds, taking the labor into account, the wholesale replacement value would be $9500, $7800 if cast or die-struck. Retail is in excess of 15K.

So beautiful, so well made; sublime.

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