Dragon’s Breath Scarab Bracelet c. 1930s

Dragon’s Breath Scarab Bracelet c. 1930s

Produced solely in Czechoslovakia, Dragon’s Breath glass is a master chameleon and color-changer! It has a magical quality, like a tiny rainbow in each stone!

This bracelet was made around the 1930s in the Retro era, and it constitutes of 6 dragon's breath glass links connected through double hoops, with hand-applied purple enamel decorations which are meant to resemble scarabs. It is crafted in brass and it measures 7 and 1/2 inches total.

Czech costume jewelry makers were truly way ahead of their time and have experimented and created many unusual types of art-glass for many centuries. The glass produced in this region of the world is well known for its strength, artistry, and innovative designs. Sadly, the exact recipe for dragon's breath glass has been lost in the mists of time and cannot be replicated, making this an uber rare vintage bracelet!

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