Victorian Wedding Bracelets With Original Box

Victorian Wedding Bracelets With Original Box

Wedding bracelets were a common betrothal tradition in the Victorian era. Upon engagement, the bride-to-be would receive one of a matched pair of bracelets from her fiancé. Then, at the wedding, she would be presented with the second bracelet, and each bracelet would be worn on a separate wrist. Today, you have the option of doing that too, or stacking them together on one arm, or styling just one! As many of them get separated over time, it is truly just amazing to find a matching pair of Victorian Wedding Bracelets these days, and this pair even comes with their original box!

Handcrafted circa 1880s in the Etruscan revival style, this pair of bracelets is made of rolled gold and gilt. Their design consists of light-weight tubes that center on a beautifully engraved rectangular disk, with a decorative end on each side, adorned with delicate granulation and twisted wire. The designs bypass in front of each other and are fused together. Oval in shape so that they sit comfortably on the wrist, the bracelets feature sturdy hinges. By pressing the half moons at the side clasp, the bracelets release and can be worn. They also have safety chains, providing additional security.

Made for small wrists, the matching bracelets measures 6 and 1/4 inches in the interior circumference, and they open wide to allow you to easily take them on and off. Their condition is unbelievably good for their age, with desirable patina. They make a stunning, uber rare antique set!

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