Floral Bracelet by A. Regel c1940

Jewels from the 1940s tell the story of the moment through their aesthetic: they do a lot with a little! This hand-wrought 10k yellow gold bracelet by A Regel is a perfect example, it is lightweight yet lasting, and has a bold sculptural look using minimal metal. In the early 1940s many metals were scarce as they were being used for the war effort, and at the same time, fashion featured more streamlined, uniform looks. The result was big, bold, playful jewelry with feminine floral elements and curves to offset the severity of the time, using flat sheets of metal that were creatively sculpted to appear full and bright. This beautiful piece of history, though light, is sturdy and sure to last another 80 years and beyond! It measures about 7 1/4 inches long and 5/8 inch at its widest points.

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