French Horn Arts and Crafts Necklace c1900

A rare treat for us– a genuine piece of art jewelry from the Arts and Crafts Movement! The Arts and Crafts Movement, in short, celebrated the craftsman over what came of the industrial revolution– manufactured goods that these artists believed were uninspired, and far removed from the beauty of the natural world. They believed everyone should have access to highly crafted beauty and purposefully used materials of lower value to make their pieces accessible to the middle classes. This stunning piece features a boldly sized, beautifully carved, French horn centerpiece depicting a queen bee. A gorgeous murano glass drop bead delicately dangles from the pendant, in an oceanic swirl of blues and greens that compliments the other turquoise and midnight hued murano beads, all strung on a 28 inch long black silk cord with knots to hold them in balance. The centerpiece measures about 2 1/2 by 4 inches.

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