Mikimoto AA-Grade 18

Mikimoto AA-Grade 18" Pearl Strand

Without a doubt, pearls are a definite closet staple and since ancient times, they linger in our imagination and beliefs. For centuries, divers have braved the darkness of the deepest parts of the oceans in search of oysters harboring this coveted shiny gem, and they were once so rare that only royalty wore them, therefore becoming a sign of wealth and social status. Japan has a successful, thriving pearl industry and its pearls take centerstage in any jewelry market anywhere — they are the undisputed leaders. Known as Akoya cultured pearls thanks to the oyster that produces them, they are revered throughout the world for their exquisite beauty, but when people speak of pearls, they are usually thinking of Mikimoto. The Mikimoto name is known and adored throughout the globe, and with good reason! Its founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first in the world to successfully culture a pearl!

This necklace by Mikimoto features highly-lustrous 7.5mm x 8mm Akoya cultured pearls, boasting a AA-grade. It is 18 inches long total and it is complete with the signature Mikimoto 18 karat white gold clasp, decorated with a single cultured pearl. The Mikimoto brand is very rigorous in the pearl selection process, ensuring you can be proud of owning this strand. This necklace comes with its original Mikimoto box and certificate. Please message us here if you have any inquiries.

A work of art born from the mystery of the sea!

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