Stick Pin Brooch

Stick Pin Brooch

Inventory#: E0910-037 

Circa: Stickpins all circa 1900, assembled around 1930

Materials: two stickpins made of 14 karat gold, two are of 10 karat gold. from left to right, a small sapphire pinched in the hand pin, a shell cameo featuring a cherub, an abstract swirl with two rubies with pearl accents, and to the right an enamel circle with a small diamond center 

Size: At widest 2.25 inches, at highest 2.5 inches

Condition: Excellent

Description: Sometime around 1930 some clever individual decided to put their stick pins to new use and made this larger statement brooch with four individual stickpins of varied styles. The result is this one-of-a-kind piece, bench made with a 14K gold closure. 

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