Pair of Taille d'Épargne Victorian Wedding Bracelets c1865

Before the tradition of engagement and wedding rings, there was the engagement gift! Wedding bracelets were a common betrothal tradition in the Victorian era– a groom would gift his future bride one bracelet and then complete the pair on their wedding day! It is rare to find them in pairs these days, though many of the bangles and bracelets that we adore from this time period were in fact likely sold in pairs. This gorgeous 10k gold set from around 1865 features beautiful engravings and taille d'épargne enameling on its dynamically textured slides and ends. The slides have just enough tension to stay in place anywhere along the mesh strap while remaining easily adjustable. Silky wheat chain tassels complete the look, adding movement to each piece. Each bracelet measures 3/4 to 1 inch wide. They can be worn as tight as you like, fitting tiny wrists and adjusting up to 8 1/2 inches for larger wrists.

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